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Productivity Portal
    Productivity is key to Prosperity of any nation. Productivity Growth is a vital factor for continuous economic growth and increase in standard of living. Every sector should strive hard to enhance the productivity as the increase in productivity aims at efficient and effective utilization of resources at the disposal of the nation or an organization whether local or global. Although, there is all around efforts in most of the institutions and a vast experience gained by people in various sectors, there is a dearth of knowledge on productivity concepts and related experiences which are to be made available to all people in various sectors irrespective of their level and contribution in their organization.
    Productivity Portal India envisages to bring together all the productivity related experiences from various sectors and disseminate the same among a larger population in the world. This, not only will help India but also all the developing and under developing countries. This will acquire and distribute the knowledge not only from productivity experts but also the industry managers, agriculture experts, agriculturists, government administrators/bureaucrats, academicians and so on.

    National Productivity Council, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, has taken up the task of launching this Productivity Portal. The Productivity Portal aims to be the first site of reference on Productivity and Quality in India and globally by providing a single window interface for sharing knowledge, resources and opportunities in the relevant space. The productivity portal will be a service available on the Internet that seeks to improve the understanding of the subject of Productivity and quality in all its facets among the citizens and businesses on the one hand, and the implementation agencies on the other hand.

    The vision of Productivity Portal is articulated below:

    To be the comprehensive online repository of
    knowledge on Productivity

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